A Warm Welcome to the Ultramarathon European Cup

Dear Friends of the Ultramarathon European Cup (ECU),

The final ranking for the 25th UEC  2017 series is now complete, and the provisional results may be viewed on our website.

In 2018, there are 9 scoring races for the ECU. These are:

  Trail du Petit Ballon (F)

52 km
2.300 Hm  

  18. März 2018

Start & Ziel: Rouffach (Vogesen, F)


zu Marathon Mnisek pod Brdy  

Ultramaraton - Brdská Stezka (CZ)

49 km

Mit neuer Leitung und verbesserter Strecke.


14. April 2018

Start & Ziel: Mnisek pod Brdy (CZ)




Link: Marathon Bizau   Ultratrail - Bizau  (A)

50 km
2.900 Hm

  12. Mai 2018

Start & Ziel: Bizau / Vorarlberg  (A)



  Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux (BEL)

105 km
2.800 Hm

60 km
1.620 Hm

  26./27. Mai 2018

Start Bütgenbach (BEL), Finish: Surister (60), Robertville (105)



  100km Passatore (ITA)

  26./27. Mai 2018

Start Firenze + Ziel Faenza (ITA)



  Schlern Rosengarten Skymarathon (ITA)

45 km
2.980 Hm

  7. Juli 2018

Start Tiers-St. Zyprian + Ziel Tiers


Link: Monschau Marathon
  Ultramarathon - Monschau (D)

56 km
950 Hm

  12. August 2018

Start & Ziel Monschau-Konzen (D)


zum Marathon Celje
  Celje-Logarska Dolina(SLO)

75 km

  1. September 2018

Start Celje + Ziel Logarska dolina

zum Schwäbisch Alb Marathon   Sparkassen Alb Marathon (D)

50 km
1.100 Hm

mit Endwertung ECU 2018

  27. Oktober 2018

Start & Ziel: Schwäbisch Gmünd


To be sure of finishing at least 3 scoring races in 2018, it is best to make an early start. We wish you a good recovery period and rebuilding phase before the start of the UEC Series 2018.

You may obtain an impression of the individual events by clicking on the following logos, which will then display the website of the relevant ultramarathon.

You can also get a good impression of the special features of the scoring races by clicking on the following links to the video trailers on YouTube:


Trail du Petit Ballon 2017

100km Passatore (Promo-Video)

100 km Passatore (Video Route)

56 km Monschau ("Laufreport")

Alb Marathon (Videos)  

Alb Marathon 2017 ("Laufreport")

Alb Marathon 2017 ("Team Bittel")

Alb Marathon 2017 ("marathon4you.de")